What feed machinery is needed for concentrate?

Time:2019-04-02 17:38
        For perennial farmers and feed processing plants, the production of concentrated materials, full-price materials and silage materials must be mastered. Especially for large and medium-sized farms, in order to obtain feed that is both nutritious and cheap, many farmers have started to make feed. For the feed processing plant, the job content is to help all kinds of farmers to provide different types of feed, so the powder and pellet feed are all equipped, so which feed machinery should be used for the concentrate?
        In fact, in general, the so-called concentrated material is the product after crushing and mixing. A set of powder units can be completed. So what is the price of a powder unit sold? There are many aspects to the answer to this question. The author takes a set of fully automatic powder unit as an example, for everyone to explain, to see if you have any gains.
First, the convenience of the feeding system. Concentrates are generally a combination of many feed ingredients. Some need to be crushed such as: corn, wheat, etc., some do not need to be crushed such as vitamins, soybean meal and so on. Therefore, a fully automatic powder unit will use at least two suction machines to effectively separate the materials that need to be pulverized and that do not need to be pulverized. The cost of the suction machine will naturally be counted in the powder unit, which affects the price of the powder unit.
Second, the dust removal and production of the crushing system. It is well known that the pulverizer generates a large amount of dust when pulverizing the material. Therefore, if the dust removal system is beautiful, then the powder unit will operate, not only with less dust, but also with a small footprint. The output of the crusher and the size of the matching power system will also affect the price of the powder unit.
Third, weighing system and oil injection system. Generally speaking, a fully automatic powder unit, both systems need to be considered. These two systems also need to be added to the programming of the electronic control system, so that they are crushed, automatically weighed, oiled, and then transported by the conveyor to the feed mixer. This series is indicative of the high degree of automation and technology of today's feed machinery. Of course, the addition of high-tech ingredients will naturally affect the price of the powder unit.
Fourth, the hybrid system. Although it is said here, the author has not explained all the automatic powder units, but these systems are indeed the core of the powder unit. The mixing system of the feed mixer, the matching power level, and the quality of the plates are all factors that can affect the price of the powder unit. In fact, when choosing a fully automatic powder unit, the author suggests that the farmers and the procurement staff of the feed processing plant will be safer to choose from large enterprises.
        So what characteristics and techniques should you pay attention to when purchasing feed machinery? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section? Or if you have some questions that you need to consult, you can also talk to the author privately. I will answer them one by one.