What is the composition of feed processing machinery in piglet feed production line?

Time:2019-07-23 18:25
With the continuous development of feed, many feed processing factories attach great importance to piglet feed and vigorously promote piglet feed. So the price of piglet feed is generally more expensive than that of fattening pigs. So how is piglet feed produced?
The production of piglet feed must be inseparable from the feed processing machinery. Of course, the production of piglet feed is generally produced by the production line. So what equipment does the piglet feed production line contain?
Piglet feed production line is mainly divided into the following sections: crushing, dust removal, pelletizing, cooling & crumbling, and finished product packaging.
General feed mills are equipped with magnetic separators, feed hammer mills, conveyors, cyclone, fans, bins, mixers, feed pellet mill, bucket elevators, coolers, packing machine, electronic control cabinet, etc.
feed pelletizing solution
Family farms generally use a simpler configuration, a set of vertical crushing and mixing machine + conveyor + feed pellet mill+ cooler + crumbler can complete the basic needs. Some pig farmers would ask, "Why do we need to configure a feed crumbler?" Because for piglets, the need for pellet feed is small, the function of crumbler is to convert large pellets into small pellets for livestock and poultry use.
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