If you do this, the ring die of feed pellet machine will never crack.

Time:2019-06-26 15:42
Customers will give us feedback after using our feed pellet machine for a period of time, and some customers will encounter the ring die cracking problem in the feed pellet machine. The incorrect use and operation method can easily cause the cracking, which affects the normal feed pellet production. So today we will analyze several factors that cause the ring die cracking in the feed pellet machine and how to avoid this.
ring die and press roller
(1) When the hoop working face has channel bright spot and the transmission wheel working face has wear marks, the hoop inner clamp has been worn or deformed, resulting in ring mode cracking.
Solution: The hoop must be replaced in time.
(2) Ring die cracking is caused by wear of mating surface of transmission wheel and obvious loosening of mating surface of die and roll.
Solution: The transmission wheel must be replaced or repaired in time, or the dimension tolerance of ring die assembly surface must be increased.
(3) Ring die cracking is caused by wear or deformation of die lining.
Solution: Die bushing must be inspected and replaced in time.
(4) Ring die impact and opening due to wear of transmission keys. The catch time is also related to the looseness of the transmission wheel. Periodically measure the clearance between the key and the keyway, and change the transmission key in time.
(5) Ring die cracking is caused by the feed pellet machine spindle bearing damage and spindle jumping.
Solution: Replace the spindle bearing in time.
(6) Because the butterfly spring elasticity does not have hub tightness, the spindle sways and causes the ring die to crack.
Solution: add or replace butterfly spring.
(7) Ring die cracking due to excessive load caused by inappropriate safety pins and safety pins.
Solution: The safety pin provided by our company must be used.
(8) As the effect of iron removal device becomes worse, there is metal indentation on the working surface of the ring die, which leads to the cracking of the ring die.
Solution: Iron removal equipment must be checked and cleaned up in time.
(9) Because the roller of feed pellet machine is not installed in place, the relative deviation between the roller and the axial working area of the ring die results in the cracking of the ring die.
Solution: Correctly install roll assembly.
(10) Ring die cracking is caused by hard contact between ring die and pressing roll due to too small gap between ring die and pressing roll.
Solution: Reasonable air gap is between 0.1 mm and 0.3 mm, and new die should be equipped with new rollers.
(11) Ring die cracking is caused by the increase of fiber material and the feeding without scraper.
Solution: Install a new scraper.
(12) When the ring die is shut down for a period of time and is not used, there is no "die washing", and the particles in the hole of the ring die harden. It is difficult to discharge next time and the extrusion force is too large, which leads to the cracking of the ring die.
Solution: Non-corrosive oily materials must be filled immediately.
(13) Ring die cracking is caused by hammering ring die directly with hard steel tools (such as hammer) for loading and unloading ring die. If ring die must be installed with great force, use wooden hammer.
(14) When the feeding quantity is too large or the small aperture ring die is replaced, the feeder is adjusted in time, and the granulation is visually unbalanced, which results in the increase of the ring die load and the cracking of the ring die.
Solution: adjust the speed of feeding motor, adjust the chin controller or electromagnetic controller.
(15) The wear of the die cover hole becomes larger, the end face is deformed and the bolt is loosened, resulting in tearing at the end face of the ring die.
Solution: Replace the die cover.
feed pellet machine
The equipment also has life and soul. Only by taking good care of it, can normal operation prolong its life and improve the quality of pellets. It is hoped that the above reasons and solutions for the cracking of the ring die of the feed pellet machine will be helpful to everyone.
Because the ring die and pressing roller on the feed pellet machine are wearable parts, we recommend that they be replaced in three or four months, even if they are in normal use. But if the finished pellets produced are good, the replacement time can also be prolonged appropriately. Therefore, we suggest that when purchasing feed pellet machine, buy a few more accessories appropriately.