Beef cattle farming knowledge, teach you how to raise beef c

Time:2019-05-23 16:20
  More and more farms are now being standardized, and a number of standardized farming equipment has been activated. The cattle farm equipment mainly includes tethering, feeding, drinking water, defecation and sewage treatment, feed processing, silage, fire fighting, disinfection, water supply and drainage, and medical equipment.
1. Tethered equipment
It is used to limit the range of activity of beef cattle in the cow bed, so that the front foot of the cow can not step into the feeding trough, the hind foot can not step into the dung ditch, the cow body can not lie horizontally on the cow bed, but it does not hinder the normal standing and lying of the beef cattle. Drinking water and feeding feed.
The tethered equipment has a chain type and a joint neck type, and a soft transverse chain type neck frame is commonly used. Two long chains (760 mm) are worn on the iron bars on both sides of the cow bed and can move freely up and down; two short chains (500 mm) form a collar that fits over the neck of the cow. The structure is simple, but more manual operations are required to complete the tethering and release of the beef cattle.
The joint neck frame tethering equipment is used more in Europe and the United States, there are tethers or release of a cow, but also a tethered or released a batch of cattle. It consists of two tubes that form a long neck frame that fits over the neck of the cow. There are spherical joints at both ends of the neck frame, so that the cow has a certain range of motion.
Feeding equipment
(1) Fixed feeding equipment
The working procedure for fixed feeding equipment is green feed (from the tower) → conveying equipment → cattle house or sports field feed.
The advantage is that the feed channel (in the barn) is small, the construction cost of the barn is low, and the workload of the feed transfer is saved.
(2) Conveyor belt feeding equipment
The conveyor feeding device of the conveyor belt feeding device is a conveyor belt, which is filled with feed, leads to the top of the feeding trough, and then reciprocates with a scraper above the feeding trough to scrape the feed into the feeding trough.
(3) Shuttle feeder
The shuttle feeder has a track above the feeding trough. There is a feeding cart on the track. The feed enters the feed cart and the feed is discharged into the feeding trough through the movement of the chain plate and the feed cart.
(4) Spiral auger feeding equipment
The spiral auger feeding device is a device for feeding beef cattle on the sports field.
(5) Motorized feeding vehicle
Large cattle farms have large silage, and each barn (sports field) is too far away from the feed store. The investment in fixed feeding equipment is too large, and a motorized feeding cart can be used. The feed discharged from the silage is transported to the feeding troughs of each cow house by a feeding cart, which is convenient for feeding and has high utilization rate of equipment. However, winter feeding vehicles frequently enter the barn, which is not conducive to warmth. Warming measures such as double-row doors and double curtains are required.
The connecting rod scraper type decontamination equipment is used for a single row of cow beds, the chain drives the connecting rod with the scraper, reciprocates in the ditch, the scraper scrapes the dung in one direction, and gradually scrapes the manure into the pit at one end. It is suitable for defecation in the ditch of a single row of cowshed.
The annular scraper type defecation equipment is used for the double row cow bed, and the two rows of cow bed manure are connected into a ring shape (similar to the playground track), and the annular scraper is used to make a horizontal circular motion in the groove, under the annular manure groove at one end of the barn. A septic tank (pit) and a sloping chain plate elevator are provided. After the manure is put into the septic tank, it is transported to the outside of the house and transported out of the house. It is suitable for defecation in the ditch of double row cattle house.
The bevel-shaped push-type shovel-type defecation device is used for the separation of the barriers, and the motor, the reducer, the wire rope, and the wing-shaped pusher plate reciprocate, and the manure is scraped into the manure groove, and the reciprocating motion is controlled by the stroke switch.
The wing-shaped scraper (pushing slab) has two wings. The two plates can be rotated around the pin. When the shovel is pushed, the shape is "V". When returning, the two wings are caged, and the "V" plate does not push the faeces. It is suitable for the defecation operation of the barn free-range barn in a wide ditch.
The decontamination equipment on the sports field is similar to the pig-removing truck (forklift). There is a scraping shovel in front of the car, which is pushed into a pile in one side, fermented or loaded and transported out of the field.