Eight major conjectures in the feed industry in 2019

Time:2019-05-23 16:21
1. Mixed warfare between aquatic products enterprises and pig feed enterprises
In the past two years, many pig feed enterprises have entered the field of aquatic materials and poultry materials. The pig giants also announced that they will sell 4 million tons of poultry feed in 2023 and 2 million tons of fish. Many feed enterprises started with livestock and poultry materials and aquatic materials. After they have developed to a certain extent, they have specialized in positioning and only produce one kind of feed. After the professional production of a certain feed reached its peak, the industry began to enrich the production line, and the livestock and poultry materials and aquatic materials complement each other. The positioning of feed enterprises is not wrong, but it is adjusted with the times. In 2020, it is not only the competition between pig feed enterprises, but also the melee between pig feed enterprises and aquatic feed enterprises.
2. Feed companies or launch African pig health insurance
African hog insurance had been in existence for some time in 2018 and then terminated due to various problems. In 2019, the most motivated and capable of initiating African piglet insurance was the feed enterprise. The feed enterprises themselves are highly competitive and need to provide full-service pig farm customers. If a company can launch African pig health insurance, there is no doubt that its market position will increase and the farm will buy more. It is a feed enterprise that has the ability to integrate resources from governments, insurance companies, etc. It is understood that the twins are interested in promoting the production of African piglet insurance. Perhaps in 2019 there will be mature African pigs insurance.
3. Pigs tend to be more "company + farmers"
In the era of African swine fever, the risk of raising pigs has increased dramatically, but raising pigs is still the top priority of many feed enterprises. In an extraordinary period, feed enterprises may tend to have a “company + farmer” model. First, there is a policy of precise poverty alleviation, and secondly, decentralized farming can reduce risks. However, so many companies are following the "company + farmer" model, and with whom? Many people predict that the price of pigs will rise in 2019. Then, which company receives high prices for pigs or gives high maintenance fees is more competitive.
4. The breeding probability of breeding companies being increased by feed enterprises
At low pig prices, breeding pigs are more likely to be more likely than average pig farms. In particular, after experiencing African swine fever, it is difficult to transport pigs across provinces, and the sales volume of breeding pigs has plummeted. In the past few years, when the price of pigs was low, all major listed feed enterprises had operations to acquire or invest in breeding pig enterprises. For example, Jin Xinnong acquired Wuhan Tiancai, Aonong acquired Ke Xinyuan and so on. It shows that the probability of being acquired in the difficult period of the breeding pig enterprise is increased. Then, if the impact of African swine fever on the breeding pig enterprise is not diminished, the possibility of the feed enterprise annexing the breeding farm in 2019 will also exist.
5. Cold chain transportation, slaughtering or becoming a breakthrough for feed enterprises
The impact of African swine fever on the industry cannot be eliminated in the short term, and reducing the long-distance transportation of pigs can reduce the spread of the disease. Affected by the epidemic, the pork supply chain will face a major change, from "tune up the pig" to "tune up the meat." Slaughter and cold chain transport will usher in opportunities for development. Feed enterprises basically have pigs, and their farms are also facing the problem of meat adjustment. The development of the whole industry chain must be carried out in addition to the slaughtering and sales, so the feed enterprises may develop slaughter and cold chain transportation.
6. Feed enterprises or enter the field of disinfectants and pesticides
Disinfectants, pesticides and other products are currently in high demand. The awareness of biosafety prevention and control on the farm is strengthened, and disinfectants and pesticides are essential. It is understood that foreign companies are currently looking at China's disinfectant and pesticide market, and will vigorously promote products. Many feed enterprises have their own insurance policies, such as Dabei Nong, Haida, Zhengbang, Aonong, etc. Presumably, feed enterprises will not let go of this opportunity. In 2019, there may be lively in the field of disinfectants and pesticides. Something.
7. Feed enterprises or promote the popularization of advanced farming models
Intelligent pigs no longer stay on the verbal, and there are already cases of landing. For example, Jingdong and Ali enter the field of intelligent pig raising, and Yangxiang and Shadow cooperate to build a future pig farm. Feed enterprises have advanced pig raising equipment and huge investment scale. Different from the original pig-raising enterprises, they can always play new tricks, such as Dabei Nong’s pig network, Ao Nong’s pig ok platform, and Yang Xiang’s pig face recognition technology. ... Feeding pigs in feed enterprises or driving the popularization of advanced farming models.
8. No resistance, biological feed will be vigorously developed
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has suggested that pharmaceutical feed additives will be withdrawn from the historical arena in 2020. The ban on feeding antibiotics is not an easy task. For many years, feed companies have been accustomed to adding antibiotics to their feeds to prevent diseases such as diarrhea in pigs. Because it is not easy, 2019 is particularly critical. Feed enterprises will increase efforts to develop and promote non-anti-feed and biological feed. As the concept of food safety deepens, aquaculture companies will also accept no feed and biological feed, so 2019 will bring benefits to the field, but good also means competition.