How to build a complete pellet feed production line

Time:2019-05-23 16:21
       A complete pellet feed production line refers to all the equipment used in the process from the initial state of the material to the completion of the finished feed pellets, and together they form a pellet feed line equipment. The following feed pellet machine manufacturers introduce you to the specific construction process of the pellet feed production line:
       Usually, all the links of the pellet feed production line are very detailed and precise, and generally include crushing equipment, granulating equipment, conveying equipment, cooling and drying screening equipment (cylinder primary screening), packaging equipment and other auxiliary equipment, of course each Different manufacturers' particle production lines also have large and small differences, mainly based on the customer's raw material conditions, plant height and equipment restrictions, so as to form a rational and customer-satisfied pellet feed production line.
       Generally, the customer will give certain technical guidance before preparing the investment project design production line. After reaching the cooperation intention, the feed machinery company will send a special technical engineer or staff to the site inspection before starting the design drawing and proposing a reasonable design concept. In addition, in the installation of the machine, the professional company will send personnel to the past assembly guidance to ensure the normal processing of the assembly line. At the same time, the company will also give the customer the training in the operation of the machine and equipment, so that the customer can understand and familiarize with each other as quickly and better. device.
       Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer has a clear warranty after-sales service on the machine such as pellet machine, mixer, pulverizer, etc. Each machine and equipment in the production line, as long as it is within the specified warranty period, because of the problems of the quality of the machine itself, the manufacturer Repairs will be given free of charge, and those that are not well repaired will be replaced with new ones, but all the parts (hammers) sold by the company can be maintained for life.