The future of pet feed development is "unlimited",

Time:2019-05-23 16:22
      Rui Enterprise met a new feed customer and returned to a feed factory. Just five years ago, the feed mill was still only one small factory, and this year we were invited to visit and found that the feed factory has become the fastest growing local enterprise. The person in charge warmly received a group of people from us and said: "I am very grateful to you for your sales talks for a long time. Since the purchase of a batch of pet rabbit pellet feed units, our development is limitless!"
      In fact, the development of pets is faster than we think. There are more and more companies that specialize in keeping pets and breeding purebred dogs, cats and rabbits. The group that raises these pets is also expanding step by step. The market for pet feed has also increased as the number of feeds has increased. More than half of people will choose to feed them with feed. Before, I found that there are more in the market from abroad, such as "French Royal, British aristocrats" or something. At that time, I thought that it was a pity that such a large domestic market was occupied by foreign feed enterprises. So I bought this pet rabbit's pellet feed unit. It can be connected to the breeding industry and can also be connected with pets. After a few years, I purchased a pellet machine that specializes in cat and dog feed.
      Although, when I bought the unit, I was still a little distressed. But the feed machinery is actually a multi-purpose machine. A granule unit can be used for both pig feed and chicken feed, just by adding a crusher. As a feed processing plant, we can take care of the needs of the aquaculture industry and expand the nutrition of pet materials. That sales channel has increased, and the benefits naturally come.
      The boss of the feed processing plant went on to say: As of this year, our sales amounted to more than tens of thousands! Nowadays, pigs in Africa are frequent, and pigs are forbidden in many places in the country. The distribution of the production enterprises is uneven, and many pig farmers still owe us! If we rely solely on this business, our funds will not flow, and we have to close the door! Fortunately, there is a pet feed, which can help the company's funds flow, not to fall into a dead end, it can be said that feed machinery has helped us get rich!
      In fact, in the eyes of Rui Enterprise, the prospect of pet feed is indeed very large. The neighbors of Rui Enterprise raised a large golden hair. More than 4 months of Golden Retriever will eat 10 kg of dog food for half a month. Although there are a lot of them, the aunt who raises the golden hair said that if there is better feed, she is willing to buy better.