What feed machinery is needed for farms with hundreds of pig

Time:2019-05-23 16:22
      In general, the number of pigs that can be raised can be hundreds. There is a lot of understanding about pig raising. At this point, I believe that for many pig farmers, the pressure of self-contained feed is not large, and the self-contained feed can save a lot of expenses, but how to choose to make pellet feed units has become a "top priority". . Although various feed machinery manufacturers will customize the unit according to the quantity of the breeding, the site, and the demand for production, it is always necessary to know in advance to understand the price. So, what kind of feed machinery and equipment do you need in a few hundred farms?
      Before you consider what feed machinery and equipment to use, first consider whether you have done these 3 points? 1 Have you estimated how much feed your farm will use in one day? Is there room for storing feed? What kind of feed do you want to make? The output allows you to determine which type of feed machine to use, and what type of feed you want to use is to determine if you are using a feed pellet machine. It is recommended that the best self-contained pellet feed not only has a long storage time, but also is less prone to moisture than the powder. The place where the feed is prevented should not be in direct contact with the ground. If possible, build a stone platform to prevent it from being protected from wind and rain.
      2 What feed ingredients should be used for poultry feed? Perhaps there is more than one type of livestock in your farm. Each poultry has different self-ingredients. Cows and sheep need more roughage and silage, and pigs need more concentrate. Feed ingredients directly affect the quality of the feed. It should be noted here that the feed material has too much moisture to be pressed and formed. For feed ingredients with too much moisture, it is recommended to dry and then start granulation. 3 must have three-phase electricity. Many farmers say that single-phase electricity is not enough? Single-phase electricity can also be used, but three-phase electricity will be more efficient than single-phase electricity. For such feed units, high-yield three-phase electricity is a must.
      After considering the above problems, the author advises you. Generally speaking, hundreds of pig farms need a feed shredder. It is recommended that you choose according to your own requirements. If your space is small. It can be equipped with a vertical mixing tank of 1000kg, plus a 11kw feed mill, and a 400kg feed pellet machine, which is the main component of the unit, which also has feeders, transport equipment, silos. , auxiliary tools such as impurities.
      Generally speaking, the price of such pellet feed units ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The vast number of farmers can count the accounts and see if the price of the purchased feed is much more expensive than the unit. Generally speaking, a set of units, if properly maintained. The time of use is about 10 years. If you calculate according to this calculation, the rest of the time is pure profit, so when choosing the pellet feed unit, the quality and the choice of the manufacturer will be particularly important.