Need a set of feed machinery for large-scale farms and feed

Time:2019-05-23 16:22
     China's aquaculture industry has grown with the development of the times, and many farmers are gradually expanding in the process of development. Some have changed from free-range chickens to thousands and tens of thousands of chickens; some have grown from a dozen pigs to thousands of them; some feed mills have changed from small workshops to thousands of fields. A large well-known factory. The development of the times is also inseparable from the advancement of science and technology, and the feed machinery has become more concise and convenient with the growth of the breeding industry. The author was invited to visit a former customer a few days ago. In his conversations, I saw an indescribable joy. The customer raised pigs for 10 years and made his own price and concentrate. He said: "If There is no feed machinery in medium and large farms and feed mills. Is it likely to be a loss?"
      First, a set of feed machinery and equipment automation can be a lot of employees and feed. In general, the most basic function of a feed machinery is automation, and a set of feed machinery, especially for medium and large farms and feed mills, fully automatic powder feed units, semi-automatic pellet feed units. And fully automatic pellet feed units are used more. Powder units are generally used for concentrates, and some feeds require oil. Therefore, a fully automatic powder feed unit can save a lot of employees.
     Second, a set of feed machinery and equipment is accurately weighed and can be used to make different feeds. For example, the fully automatic powder feed unit is equipped with a weighing bin. When the material flows into the weighing bin, the instruments on both sides will accurately read the numbers. Of course, such a unit will also be equipped with an electronic control panel. Intuitively see the weight value of the material, directly and quickly.
     Third, a set of feed machinery and equipment quality is excellent, there must be security. Generally speaking, in addition to low energy consumption, small floor space, high quality and convenient use, a set of feed machinery and equipment has certain safety guarantees. After all, it is related to the operation of the staff, so the configuration of the safety measures should be there, such as leakage protection, pressure switches, safety valves.
     In fact, for large and medium-sized farms and feed processing plants, a set of feed machinery and equipment can help far more than this. In the coming week, the author will specifically talk about the good helper of concentrated materials - some related advantages of fully automatic powder units Friends who are in need can pay attention to the author and check related articles recently.