Which manufacturer of pig, cattle and chicken feed machinery

Time:2019-05-23 16:22
      With the continuous development of the aquaculture industry, there are more and more manufacturers of feed machinery. I often hear from the breeding friends asking: "Which pig, cow and chicken feed machinery is the best? A small pellet machine What configuration is needed? In fact, in the middle of so many feed machinery manufacturers to choose a suitable machine for their own, first of all, its quality should be excellent. Second is the after-sales service guarantee of the manufacturer. Of course, if the feed machinery you buy can also be subsidized with agricultural machinery, it is naturally better, and the agricultural machinery subsidies can go to the official website for enquiries.
      Many farmers have asked a series of questions after using the feed machinery for a period of time. For example, some farmers ask: “Isn't it said that feed machinery can improve the palatability of poultry? Why is it not so good to improve palatability?” In fact, the reason why feed pellet machine can increase the palatability of poultry This is because during the granulation process, the high temperature causes the starch in the material to gelatinize and produce a fragrance.
      Take pigs as an example. Pigs are animals that prefer to eat sweets. The average animal likes this sweet mouth. Therefore, when blending the feed formula, the ratio of corn to soybean meal can be increased. After the feed formula is customized, a good processing method is needed to support it, because a feed feed processing unit can directly affect pigs, chickens, cattle, and sheep. The quality of the feed.
So what configuration does a small animal pellet unit need?
      First, the feed ingredients must first be pulverized, and a feed mill is needed. The larger pieces of material are pulverized to the required fineness for mixing and granulation. The pulverized material is transported to the feed mixer by the feed conveyor.
      Why do you need a feed mixer? In general, our self-contained feed is not just a material. In order to mix these materials evenly, and to ensure the palatability of each pellet, the feed mixer is generally required. Common feed mixers for small feed pellet units are generally vertical feed mixing tanks or horizontal feed mixers, depending on the size of the farm's own site.
      After mixing, the granulation device can be considered. How large pellets the farmer needs will determine which multi-aperture disc you purchase. If the pellets of various livestock are granulated together, it is conceivable to add a feed crusher to facilitate the direct preparation of large pellets into small pellets. Save time and save energy.