Premix Feed Production Line

♦  According to the proportion in the formula,  mixing various of feed additive, such as vitamin, microelement, amino acid, antioxidant and certain amount of carrier materials (or diluent material), we called premix feed.   The proportion of premix in the formula feed is from 0.5% to 5%.

♦  The following material could be as carrier material, such as stone powder, bentonite, soybean meal, bran, etc.  The premix feed is one of the raw material for producing formula feed or concentrate feed. 

(Premix Feed)
premix feed


♦  RICHi not only provides you with feed processing equipment and technology, but also provides you with comprehensive solutions. Using RICHi's equipment and technology can bring you high quality feed products. While ensuring the full utilization of raw materials and energy efficiency, it can also reduce the huge operating cost of production.

♦  So If your team is going to build a feed production line, the advantage of choosing us is that RICHi will help you:

1,Determine the scale of feed mill.
2,Determine the feed process and recommend suitable feed equipment.
3,Control mode selection, fully automatic feed line or semi-automatic feed line.
4,Feed manufacturing plant structure selection.(Generally, it is a steel structure factory building)
5,Planning the general drawing of feed mill plant site.
6,On-site installation and guidance. (Free choice)