Floating Fish Feed Line

  • Fish Feed Line Introduction
Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of the floating fish feed line, fish feed extruder, feed making machine. The capacity of the floating fish feed production line is from 40KG/H to 4000KG/H. This fish feed line is a new development of the commercial aquatic fishery. In order to meet the intensive production of fish feed pellets, the production line has multi specifications, the capacity can be customized.
floating fish feed production line
  • Fish Feed Line Adavantages
1. Wide application: this fish feed line can produce floating and slowly sinking fish feed and pet food, which is applicable to fish farms, fish feed manufacturers and pet food factories.
2. Large capacity range: the capacity range is from 40 kg/h to 4000 kg/h. Whether for personal or commercial use, you can find the right model here at a competitive price.
3. Strict detail control. Equipped with PLC control box and alarm device to ensure smooth and safe operation.
4. Reasonable configuration. Lower energy consumption, smaller footprint in construction projects.
5. Simple assembly and disassembly. It helps with quick shipping and installation.
  • Fish Feed Line Materials
1. Raw materials: Feed pellets include animal proteins and vegetable proteins. The plant protein comes from corn, rice, wheat, soybean, peanut cake powder, etc.; animal protein comes from fish meal, shrimp powder, crab powder, fish meal, etc., and other ingredients can be added according to animal requirements and eating habits.
2. Mainly involved processes: material grinding, material mixing, particle extrusion, particle drying and particle packaging. The entire fish feed production process can be highly automated.
3. Extruding requirements:humidity: 20%-25%,material fineness: 60-80 mesh.
  • Related Machine In Fish Feed Line
Feed crusher→feed mixer→fish feed extruder→spraying machine→feed pellet dryer & cooler→automatic weighing packaging machine, the fish feed extruder is the key-equipment in the fish feed production line.
fish feed processing line
  • Fish Feed Line Processing Video