Concentrate & Powder Feed Line

♦  Pellet feed is complete diet pellets feed, complete diet pellets feed is nutritionally balanced feed, mainly including three kinds of protein materials such as soybean meal, fish meal, various legumes; energy materials such as corn, rice, wheat and so on; additive premix such as various vitamins, trace elements, disease-resistant and growth-promoting drugs. No additional raw materials are needed in use.
♦  Concentrate feed: Remove all or most of the energy material from the full price material, leaving only two parts of protein material and additive premix. When using, the user will add the energy material according to the instructions.

(Comparison of Pellet and Concentrate Feed
Comparison of pellet and concentrate feed

♦  Concentrate Feed is composed of premix and protein material, such as seed cake, fish powder, blood powder etc.
♦  Powder Feed and Pellet Feed is a group of relative concept. from the point of view of raw material, they are made from same raw material; In the view of processing technoloty,  the powder feed production line is part of the pellet feed line, it's just a pellet feed production line but without the pelletizing section (please refer to the following processing sketch map.)
♦  From the perspective of the composition of equipment and the processing technoloty, the concentrate feed and the powder feed are same.  in other words,  the same powder feed production line could be definitely used for producing concentrate feed.

•  So you ready to build an animal concentrate feed production line? Do not hesitate to contact our experts, who will help you find the best solution for you. And the advantage of choosing us is that RICHi will help you:

1,Determine the scale of animal feed mill.
2,Determine the feed process and recommend suitable feed production machine.
3,Control mode selection, fully automatic feed line or semi-automatic feed line.
4,Animal feed manufacturing plant structure selection.(Generally, it is a steel structure factory building)
5,Planning the general drawing of feed mill plant site.
6,On-site installation and guidance.