How did you define your animal feed pellet machine model as 250 / 350 / 420 / 508 / 558 / 678 / 768,  etc. ? 

The model is defined based on the diameter of the ring die mould.  For example, mould 250 means that the diameter of the ring die is 250 mm. 

If we only buy one set of cattle feed machine, could we produce feed for different kind of animal and poultry ? 

Yes. of course.  What we need to do is just have different size of ring die mould according to the requirement of different animal and  poultry.  and the replacement of the ring die mould is very easy.

What kind of raw material that the ring die mould is made of ?

There are two kinds of ring die mould in the market. one is made of carbon steel, the other is made of stainless  steel.   the former is cheaper than the latter. We adopt stainless steel ring die and press roller sheel in our machine.

Is it possible that we only buy one set of feed pellet machine to produce animal feed? without other equipment ?

Should to say :  Yes, It's possible. But you'd better find the proper way to load and mix the raw material.  otherwise, you will have to do such jobs  by hands.

What is the suitable moisture (water content) of the raw material that easy to make feed pellet ?

The ideal moisture range is from 15%  to 18% .

What brand of motors you used in the machine ?

We use Siemens brand motor in our machine. please rest assured about the quality.

What about the power, capacity, size and weight of the poultry feed manufacturing machine ? 

Please refer to the above technical parameter table to get the detail, If you want the details of our smaller size of poultry feed manufacturing machine.

Will you dispatch engineer to install the cattle feed machine (production line)

 Yes. we will dispatch engineer to do the service just based on the requirement of customers.

Where is your factory located? how could I get there ? 

Our factory is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. It's 30 km far from the airport. we will pick you up at the airport.

Why should we make pellet feed ?

1) Pelletized feed have a 145% higher conversion ratio. Scientific nutrition formula, sterilization and cooking pelleting processing technology, rich and mellow flavor, and easy to absorb, Improve the yield and quality of livestock products, shorten the breeding cycle.

2) Balanced and comprehensive nutritional intake. Pelletized feed Could effectively eliminate selective feeding habits.
3) Save feed and reduce feeding costs.the Pelletized feed could decrease wastage of loose feed by up to 30% 
4) Reduces respiratory disease in animals due to dust inhalation.
5) Pelletized feed takes up much less storage space, easy to handle and transport.
6) Pelletized feed can extend the storage time and with less wastage.