SLHSJ Series Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer

1,Low speed and gentle mixing, stable running and no segregation; High homogeneity (CV≤3~5%) with short dry mixing (60~90s) and discharging time.
2,Fully-open bomb doors and W-shaped trough plus unique air-sac seal, momentary discharging, minimum residue, no leakage; optional stainless steel design.
3,Large access door and optional air-clean device, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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Product Details

SLHSJ Series Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer Description
Henan Richi Machinery SLHSJ Series Twin-Shaft paddle Mixer machine is widely used for mixing of powder,pellet,flake, block, and hetero-like viscous material in feed,grain,food,Chemical industry,etc.

1.Applicable to a wide range of industries for mixing, large effective volume; Can add a variety of liquids (such as water, molasses, oil, etc). 
2.Smooth running, gentle mixing, without damaging the original characteristics of materials. 
3.Short mixing time (45-60 sec/bat), CV≤ 5%, little power consumption. 
4.Original " Double-door at full length of machine groove" patented technology, quick discharge with minimum residue. 
5.Large access door, reasonable design, convenient for cleaning and maintenance, saving time. 
6.Access door with limit switch can ensure worker's safety. 

SLHSJ Series Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixer Specification
Material quality carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel carbon steel
Power 5.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 18.5kw 30kw
Mixed weight 250kg/P 250kg/P 500kg/P 500kg/P 1000kg/ 2000kg/