SCY Series Drum Type Pre-cleaner

1) Suitable for cleaning grain in feed processing and grain store industry.
2) To take out the impurity in corn, wheat, soybean etc. such as wheat straw, corn leaf or cob, stone, rope and so on.
3) High Capacity, easy maintenance.

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Product Details

SCY Series Drum Type Pre-cleaner:

Description:RICHI SCY Series Drum Type Pre-cleaner is widely applied to granular material  cleaning in industries like flour mills, feed mill, grain storage, etc.Mainly used for separating large impurities like straw, rope, paper, earth,  leaves, maize cob to prevent the equipment from damaging and breaking down.

1,Low noise, low energy consumption and stable operation.
2,The access door makes the daily maintenance and repair much easier and simple.
3,There are monitor windows in the side and top of the machine, the operator could easily observe the running condition.
4,We equip the most suitable size of the sieve, to fit different grain raw material, to get the best effect.
5,High capacity, low consumption, small floor space.

SCY Series Drum Type Pre-cleaner Model parameter

Model SCY63 SCY80 SCY80*2 SCY100
Power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.5kw
Capacity 15-30t/h 20-40t/h 20-40t/h 30-50t/h