TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor

1,Anti-clogging structure to improve flexibility, safety and tightness;
2,Flexible design at the back of the machine to eliminate residue;
3,Scraper and recycling cup at the chain to reduce residue;
4,Classic type, CE certified, widely applied in conveying in feed, chemical, grain storehouse, port, malt and oilseed.

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Product Details

product description
Henan Richi Machinery TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials in enclosed rectangular section shell by means of moving scraper chain. It is mainly used for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of materials. It can be widely used in the horizontal transportation of bulk materials in feed factories, flour factories, rice factories, oil factories, starch factories, grain depots, port terminals and so on.

Product advantages
1)、Applicable to multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging.
2)、Equipped with heavy-duty starter and anti-blocking and anti-chain breaking alarm device.
3)、The guide rail is made of specially treated wear-resistant materials or paved with high polymer wear-resistant plates.
4)、The scraper is made of polyurethane material with wear resistance and low noise.
5)、Chains are our patented products with high strength, high wear resistance and long conveying distance.
6)、The tail of the machine is equipped with chain tensioning device, which is easy to operate and prolongs the service life of the chain.

Model Capacity(t/h) Scraper chain speed Scraper link pitch (mm) Gearing chain Conveying distance (m)
TGSS16 TGSS16 0.4-0.6 66.675 Sleeve roller chain 50
TGSS20 30-50 0.4-0.6 66.675 Sleeve roller chain 50
TGSS25 50-100 0.4-0.6 66.675 Sleeve roller chain 50
TGSS32 100-130 0.4-0.6 66.675 Sleeve roller chain 60
TGSS40 180-240 0.4-0.8 66.675 Sleeve roller chain 80
TGSS50 300-400 0.4-0.8 125 Sleeve roller chain 80