SYPG Series Drum Type Spraying System

1,High uniformity of spraying.
2,Simplify control and operation procedures without pressure control.
3,There is no need to set nozzle combination according to spraying proportion, so it has high reliability.

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Product Details

Henan Richi Machinery SYPG Series Drum Spraying System, sprays oils, enzymes, vitamins, organic acids, microorganisms and other nutrients and medicines on the surface of pellets. Drum spraying, fully contact with the surface of pellets, spraying uniform. Computerized control of additions, more accurate measurement. The nutrition of pellets is balanced, and the pellets are more attractive and disease-resistant.

Product advantages  

1,Excellent afterward adding technology,
2,Drum-type spraying system, air atomizing nozzle, fully contact with pellet surface, 
3,Computer-controlled additive amount, more accurate measurement.
4,The pellets have balanced nutrition, more palatability and disease resistance.

Capacity(t/h) Spraying proportion Spraying error Main motor power(kw) Belt-conveyer power(kw) Rotating speed(rpm)
3-15 1-3% ≤1% 22 0.75 10.5