DCS Series Automatic Packing Machine

1,Compact structure, small footprint.
2,Anti-vibration design, stable and precise packing.
3,Sophisticated microprocessor control, simple operation and high packing rate.

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Product Details

DCS Series Automatic Packing Machine Description:
Henan Richi Machinery DCS Series Automatic Packing machine, which is suitable for quantitative weighing and packaging of pellets and powder materials, is a professional quantitative weighing and packaging equipment. Packing accuracy is high, speed is fast and efficiency is high.

DCS Series Automatic Packing Machine Features:
1. Microprocessor controlled rationed packing scales
2. This product is widely used in industries such as grain, feed and chemicals.
3. Intelligent weighing instrument is adopted to ensure high precision and stable performance.
4. Functions of automatic error correction, alarm for out of tolerance and zero tracing are available.
5. Display for gross weight, net weight and count of bags are available.
6. Be able to store various formulas.
7. Gravity feeding mode featuring fast speed and high precision is adopted.
8. Return air port is reserved to prevent raise of dust and improve work site environment.
9. The product mainly consists of feeding unit, scale hopper, buffer and bag picking unit, pneumatic system,
sensor, control cabinet, conveyor and sealing unit.

Packing Machine Specification:
packing machine specification