DSP Series Fish Feed Extruder

Type: DSP Fish Feed Extruder.
Application: can be used for floating fish feed, sinking fish feed or other aquatic feed.
Capacity: 0.2-4TPH Fish Feed Extruder.

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Product Details

Henan Richi Machinery DSP Series Fish Feed Extruder is mainly suitable for the production of fish feed, shrimp feed, other pet feed and other extruded feed.

Product advantages
1)、High-quality extruded feed
A new type of conditioner has been equipped to make the final feed maturing degree and uniformity better than the traditional ways.
2)、Smooth discharging and better pellet uniformity.
The number and speed of the cutter can be adjusted according to demands.
Good control performance
3)、Easy to disassemble and assemble, save operation time
Touch screen control system to reduce the dependence on the operators' skills.
4)、Stable and reliable 
Use a kind of general-purpose equipment to produce floating feed and sinkable feed according to the demands. 

DSP Series Fish Feed Extruder Specification
dsp fish feed extruder specification