1-2TPH Feed Pellet Machine

Model: SZLH-250, 1-2T/H Feed Pellet Machine
Category: Small Feed Pellet Machine, Animal Feed Mill Plant
Brand: RICHI ®
Supply Ability: 20 Sets / Month In stock! From - Henan Richi Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Product Details

1-2TPH Feed Pellet Machine Demonstration Video

1-2TPH Feed Pellet Machine Description
1-2tph feed pellet machine

1-2TPH Feed Pellet Machine Features

1. The feeder and conditioner are made of stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode, so as to avoid the influence of iron filings on feed.

2. All motors are Siemens variable frequency motors, which can adjust speed and save electricity.

3. Stable and classical  gear driving,non-slipping,can really ensure the production output. Low noise,optimized ring die,maximum output.

4. Hydraulic system for ring die change and roller adjustment(optional),quick ad precise operation;auto-lubrication system(optional)and die & roller lifting device,save labor;on-site touch screen control.

5. Maximum size conditioner in feed pellet machine Industry to maximize the production capacity.

6. A large number of components are manufactured by forging technology, which is strong and durable.

1-2TPH Feed Pellet Machine Technical Parameters
1-2tph feed pellet machine technical parameters

1-2TPH Feed Pellet Machine Applications

1-2tph feed pellet machine applications

1-2T/H Feed Pellet Production Line Project Case
2tph chicken feed pellet production line

Finished Feed Pellets

finished feed pellets

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